Manual pressure controller EN Foreword: Thank you for purchasing the Digital fan controller. It is a speed regulator for ventilated rooms which controls the intake air. The function of the pressure controller involves maintaining a constant negative pressure in the room in order to prevent escaping of the odors. The pressure controller measures the pressure inside and outside. The fan follows the pressure difference. It works fully independent regardless which kind of fan, filter or controller you use for the outtake. Instructions: Insert the intake fan into the right socket which is marked with intake fan. If you use the pressure controller outside the room: Install the air pipe from the right connection marked with “- negative” and bring the other end inside the room. Cut the pipe in case it is too long. If you use the pressure controller inside the room connect the 5m air pipe to the left connection marked with “+ positive” and bring the other end outside the room. Now insert the power plug into the socket. The fan controller initializes itself, this can last up to 10 seconds and the green ON light flashes and the fans run at 50% of their power. Following initialization ON lights up continuously- the fan controller regulates from this point onwards. Now set the desired negative pressure on the knob. Left turn decreases the negative pressure; right turn increases the negative pressure. In case the controller cannot reach the set target, the red LED marked with “No target” begins to blink. In this case you have to decrease the outtake fan size, or increases the intake fan size. Safety notes: The fan controller must be connected to a domestic socket with a 10A, 13A or 16A fuse. If there is a fault in the appliance check the fuse first. Always disconnect the power before opening the plug. There are life threatening voltages in the appliance. 230V LIFE DANGER!!!